We are a Center of Comprehensive Education that helps girls and boys and their families that live in extreme poverty to bring the best out of themselves, the good that is in them and has been overshadowed by the difficult conditions that they live in.

Every donated peso to Mayama transforms into $4.01 as a benefit to the society.
Efficacy, 83% of the current beneficiaries only have Mayama as their helping option.
Efficiency, ¢0.93 from every $1.00 are directly addressed to the girls, boys and their families.

Mayama’s Model

I trust
I develop
I transform

I feel

Emotional development through affective growth strategies and emotional literacy

I feel


I think

Cognitive development through strategies of thinking capacities.

I think

Yo pienso - Mayama

I relate

Social development, understanding of respect and integration of norms and values of empathy, among other concepts.

I relate


I express

Development of communication skills through artistic techniques.

I express

6 Yo expreso 2

I act

Development of will through trainings of martial arts, yoga, respiration techniques and body language.

I act

1 Simulacro elecciones


In 2014 Filantrofilia, a non-profit civil association,  certified our efficiency and transparency concerning the use of donations. We got the mark of 3.51 (A+) from a maximum of 4 points in levels of Social Impact and Institutional Development. View more

For the second year in a row Mayama obtained the accreditation for the maximum level of Institutionalism and Transparency from the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) (Mexican Center for Philanthropy).

In 2014 Mayama A.C.,was analyzed by the Confío Association concerning the degree of accomplishment of the Principles of Transparency and Good Practices. The results of the analysis can be consulted in www.confio.org.mx


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2012. UNESCO-AIAP. The book Mexico, Art and Time was published by CONACULTA and AIAP-ARTAC 2013. Mexican Fine Arts Association, A.C. (ARTAC)/ National Mexican Committee of the International Association of Plastic Arts (AIAP).


2012 (nov). TED x Zapopan. TED is a non-profit organization, known for spreading innovative ideas around the world. Alejandra Peña participated in TEDx Zapopan The Power of a Cause: Sharing How the Education Paradigms Must Change: Case MAYAMA.


“Mayama is part of the global campaign Action 2015”


National and international organizations support our work, with your help we can reach more childrens.

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