21.4 million children in Mexico live in poverty
More than half a million children in Mexico do not have a birth certificate.
Almost 5 million children in Mexico do not attend school

About us

  • We are a non-profit organization with a new model of education that aims to transform the lives of children and their families living in high marginalization and violent conditions.

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We have three programs

My Development

This program develops the capabilities of girls and boys through a human development model (in 5 areas)  which favors assertive decision-making and enhances their quality of life

I feel

children strengthen their emotional skills such as resilience to face adverse circumstances and to be able to adapt to changing environments.

I Feel

I think

children develop cognitive and reflective skills to be able to solve problems through critical thinking. I EXPRESS: children de

I think

I relate

children build relationships based on peace culture, equity and sustainable mindsets.

I relate

I express

children develop assertive communication skills, creative thinking and freedom of expression through dialogue, active listening and their expression of ideas and feelings.

I express

I act

children make assertive decisions and take action based on their personal and family life projects, as well as the SDG Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

I act

My Family

  • This program develops parental skills in families and helps them build  safe and equitable relations. It aims to adjust their conducts in a violent-free environment for an adequate development of their children, as well as to promote their rights.

My Rights

  • This program contributes to the exercise of Mayama´s children´s rights.  It raises awareness among families and other community actors, facilitates processes for birth registration and school reintegration and establishes partnerships with other institutions  to enhance child participation.



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Mayama, de cara al futuro.

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¡Corre con causa!

October 18th, 2021|Comments Off on ¡Corre con causa!

Nuestros amigos de HELM de México, a través de la carrera deportiva dirigida a sus colaboradores, se suman nuevamente para que niñas y niños sigan desarrollando lo mejor de sí mismos.

  • There are different ways to collaborate with Mayama. We invite you to join by donating and/ or volunteering.