The Project

Transforming Together

Is the campaign that will raise funds to build the best learning center to empower and transform lives of thousands of girls, boys and their families who live in high marginalization and violence conditions in Jalisco, Mexico.

¿What is the New Learning Center?

Imagine a place where children who live in extreme poverty and violence have the opportunity to develop their full potential and enjoy a happy childhood. The construction of the New Center is a space of three thousand square meters that will have green areas, a multifunctional room, educational spaces based on our five development areas, a central courtyard and extensive sites for running and playing. 

Impact on society

In Mexico, where the rate of violence reaches alarming numbers, human development plays a key role in building a culture where peace, equity, and access to development opportunities are possible for all. With our learning model, we seek to live in a society with positive, constant and sustainable changes for all.

You can transform Mexico

The total investment for the construction of the New Center is $700,000 USD, of which we have already raised $ 300,000 USD. 

With the loan of a land of three thousand square meters, granted by the Municipal Government of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco (Mexico), we have achieved the definition of the project, its budget, as well as the construction permits and the land movement. 

In this 2019 we started the Second Phase of the campaign, which has as goal to reach    $400,000 USD 

With your support and donation, the New Mayama Center will open its doors in 2020. 

Thank you for being part of this unique moment and for leaving a legacy in the transformation of our children! 

For 1 dollar donated to Mayama, the social benfit is transformed in 4 USD.

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Transforming Together

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“Thank you for Believe, Trust, Invest and transform together a safe Mexico, hopefully, positive and self conscious.

This center will be the first one of great dreams!

We can change the reality of many boys, girls and families in Mexico together.