Mayama is based on the idea that all the children have the right to identity and education. To ensure these , we have the following programs:

  • School reintegration program (SRP). In addition to the abilities that children acquire through MAYAMA, it is fundamental to ensure the return to school os childre who do not attend or has never attended a school. SRP consists of three phases:
  1. Development of social, academic and concentration skills for children who have never attended school or have dropped out of school.
  2. Academic support and tutoring for children who are in a high risk of drop-out.
  3. In this phase, we make sure that every child has everything they need to be reintegrated to shool system. This involves birth certificate, pre-enrollment and enrollment to school.
  • Birth certificate registration program (BCRP). This program consists of registering those children who lack the right of the identity. Once the birth certificate is transacted, we can incorporate them to school.