Mayama is the result of the commitment of a group of Mexican leaders seeking to combat poverty and violence in order to contribute to the development of the country. This is the reason why Mayama in huichol language means “development”, and this is also why our first task was to create an educational model that could bring the best out of each member of the society.

We bring out the best in children living in communities at risk in order to give them a better opportunity. We also help our team members to discover their true potential and generosity by working for the benefit of all.

Las cosas cambian

To contribute to the development of girls, boys and their families that suffer from violence, abuse, orphanhood and are in marginalized/excluded conditions, by helping them develop capacities that allow them to overcome these difficult conditions and improve their quality of life.
To develop the potential of each girl and boy that live in marginalized conditions and are surrounded by violence in Mexico by contributing to the transformation of their families and communities.

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