Our model is based on a systemic method that has been operating during five and a half years with each boy and girl (between six and nine years old) and their families having the goal to strengthen their capacities and prevent them from ending up in the street or in orphanages or participating in delinquency, and to help them successfully incorporate into the schooling system, improve their self-esteem and accomplish their own life plan and goals.


This model has three phases of intervention and three dimensions:

Modelo Mayama

Phase “I trust”

Mayama reaches the families.

During “I trust”, wich lasts six months we search for families in marginalized communities that could be part of our educational program. Whe build trust to ensure a comfortable and friendly arrival for children to the Mayama Center. Also, we ask for the commitment and participation of all family members.

Phase “I develop”

Mayama focuses on the inner being.

Throughout this intensive process, children come to Mayama Center twice a week for three and a half years to develop their capacities in the following areas:

  • I feel – emotional development.
  • I think – cognitive development.
  • I relate – social development.
  • I express – development of communicative skills.
  • I act – development of will.

Mayama also makes family visits every 15 days, during which the family as a whole work in two areas:

I feel

I relate

Phase “I transform”

 Mayama focuses on the community.

Once a Mayama child has passed through the phases “I trust” and “I  develop”, he/she continues one more year with us to achieve his/her goals. Afterwards, there is an evaluation to determine whether he/she meets a the graduation criteria. What does this mean?

  • Those children who at least have 80% attendance.
  • Who continue studying.
  • Who are free of addictions and that the girls are free of early pregnancies.
  • Who treat themselves and others well.
  • Who have succeeded in designing a life plan and therefore are ready to begin the support (Coaching) process to fulfill their goals.